The Story Behind #thereallife Series

Some time ago I started toying with the idea of creating a series of posts that interrupt people’s daily dose of curated lives.  

The goal? Remind people that what they’re seeing isn’t the whole picture.  


We all know that what we’re seeing isn’t the whole picture, because we know we don’t post pictures of our lowest moments. Yet, we constantly use Social Media as the barometer of how well we’re doing in life.  

Why am I still single? My salary must suck, because I don’t have the money to travel. Why can’t I DIY like Suzelle? Look at how buff Peter is, I can’t even start an exercise programme.  

I believe that it’s OK to celebrate the highlights of our lives, but the truth is –  

  • There were many lonely nights before that your “friend” found their person.  
  • You don’t know how many years of saving was required to go on that trip.  
  • You don’t know how many failed DIY projects ended up in the trash before that one project succeeded.  
  • You don’t know how many times Peter quit on his own fitness goals.  

That’s why I’m here to remind you:  

You’re seeing #thebestlife, not #thereallife on Instagram and Facebook.  

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Marcelle Ehlers

I'm a digital marketer by trade, and a Christian by faith. If you were to be a fly on our office wall, you might not believe that I am the latter by the way I cuss. I believe that Jesus blew people's expectations of what God looks out of the water and my hope is that I'll continue this tradition. I also believe that the only Mountain is YHWH. I don't apologise for this part, because I have a deep appreciation and respect for the character of the one true God who saved my life. Over, and over, and over again. Hopefully your beliefs about a cruel, unjust God will be battered to unrecognisable bits as you read the content I create. If it doesn't, please, for the love of all that's good and holy, write it off as uninspired.

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