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what humility is 0

What humility really is

For many years I thought humility was negating any compliment given to me with criticism. I think it made me uncomfortable to think that there could be anything good about me. In hindsight, it sounds really...

purpose of being a christian 0

Finding your purpose as a Christian

There’s an upside down view we often take when we consider our purpose as a Christian. The day God reveals His unfathomable love for us, we start wondering, “What’s so special about me?”. I’m not...

overcoming condemnation 0

How to overcome condemnation

I wish I could say that fighting the battle against condemnation was as easy as throwing Romans 8: 1 – 2  at your feelings a hundred times a day:, but sometimes the scripts of condemnation run so deep.

fearless living through romans 8-28 0

Freedom from Fear Through Romans 8:28

The best I can do is to tell my story. So, I’ll tell this one and hope you can relate to it in some way.  I have always had the deep-seated fear of making any...