When life gets real, I remember Job

This week was the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak that I felt it. Until Thursday, the whole situation felt like a, surreal, distant problem. This is largely because I am in a country where the daily deaths and confirmed infections are not in the ...

April 18th, 2020|Tags: |

What Salvation Means to Me

Writing a post about the meaning of salvation feels like a mammoth task. It is a fundamental concept in the Christian faith, so there are legions of authors, theologians, preachers, and people like me who’ve said something about salvation.   After two false starts, I concluded ...

February 15th, 2020|Tags: |

The Story Behind #thereallife Series

Some time ago I started toying with the idea of creating a series of posts that interrupt people’s daily dose of curated lives.   The goal? Remind people that what they’re seeing isn’t the whole picture.   Why?  We all know that what we’re seeing isn’t the whole ...

January 22nd, 2020|Tags: |
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About The Why Chaser

Thanks to a turbulent relationship with the church and various beliefs about God and Jesus, I have an infatuation with chasing why’s, how’s and what’s. I also love writing and sharing what I’ve thought about, read about and heard about. So here we are.

I’m also a person with a heart full of pride and selfishness. This may result in truth being polluted by these dreadful attributes as it passes through me onto this blog.

So, if you’re done reading something, and you’re not left with a deep sense of freedom that includes a reverent, fearful, awe of the Lord, chuck what you’ve read in the bin.

I won’t take it personally.

Happy reading!

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